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EKpass offers services from 3 different operational arms; training, consulting, and I.T. services. We refer to these operational arms as the “Spheres of Operation”. EKpass can provide any number of combinations of services from these spheres of operation.




Heavy Equipment Operator Training and Certification: Services provided worldwide on equipment from over one hundred manufacturers with a focus on improved productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and increased safety.


Onsite: with centuries of collective heavy equipment industry experience, our highly professional training consultants deliver customized instructor-led courses and other services on client sites around the globe. This is not your average heavy equipment operator course. What EKpass has to offer is an approach to heavy equipment training that is unlike anything that is offered anywhere else.


Business sectors served include: the Mining, Military, Pipeline & Petrochemical, Road Building, Agriculture, and Manufacturing industries, and all levels of Government. If you require heavy equipment operator training to take place off site instead, our training team can also arrange for an alternate location.


Supervisor Training: Your heavy equipment operator supervisors must have a solid familiarity with all aspects of your operation in order to be effective. EKpass provides training for supervisors that hones in on the essential skills that foster a cohesive working group.




EKpass offers heavy equipment consulting services such as:

  • assessments and audits,
  • policy development,
  • first response to incidents involving mobile equipment,
  • safe work plan development,
  • project inspection,
  • equipment inspection,
  • needs assessments.


We work with you in order to ensure that the policies and procedures that are applicable to your operation are being met. EKpass heavy equipment consulting services are performed by highly experienced and professional consultants with centuries of collective industry knowledge.


When you request consulting services from EKpass, we will consider your policies and requirements along with any regulatory body requirements that apply to your operation and identify possible gaps. EKpass will identify existing gaps, and provide a solution to close them.


EKpass has developed pre-employment screening programs for potential employees as equipment operators. We have performed heavy equipment operator assessments during pre-employment screening of existing mobile equipment operators that determine existing skill levels. Our heavy equipment operator assessments can be utilized to determine an operator’s current knowledge of the equipment, and the operator’s ability to perform productively.


I.T. Services


EKpass offers e-learning CBT and WBT solutions in addition to our highly effective and successful hands-on equipment operator training.


Our Web Based courses are geared towards corporate and individual students looking to update and refresh their skills or to get a foot in the door and stand out from the competition.


Our online heavy equipment training makes taking a heavy equipment operator course even more convenient. Certificates are provided to all students who successfully complete our WBT courses.


If you are looking for online equipment operator training, we have a solution for you.


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